Will Veneers Improve the Appearance of a Crown?

I had a crown put on one of my front tooth, but it seems that when I smile that tooth is smaller than my other tooth. I can see my gum line as well. I feel so self-conscious that I don't wan to smile. Is it possible for me to have veneers? Please let me know. Thanks.

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Veneers will not improve appearance of crown

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The crown is the problem. It should be all porcelain for one thing and not have a metal understructure. That way, the light shines through it and looks more natural. The answer is to get a new crown and make it all porcelain, you may want to think about adding a veneer to the tooth next to it to make it a matched set. Things look better in pairs. That way the porcelain will match perfectly and you will be smiling a lot!

Los Angeles Dentist

Veneer on a crown is not a good idea

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While it CAN be done, the best thing to do is simply replace the crown. Often when one tooth is not the same size, this can be overcome with veneering the tooth next to it (commonly done with the two front teeth). When the gum line is not symmetrical, the gums of one tooth can be raised (usually with a laser) to balance out the appearance.

The best way to get a perfect smile is to veneer all the teeth in the "smile zone". This is determined best by a photograph of your smile and seeing how many teeth show. Count them up (usually 8-10 teeth) and veneer them. The one with the crown would still be a crown, but the rest would be veneered.

Veneers cannot improve the appearance of a crown

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You imply can not place veneer on top of your crown. Once a tooth has been crowned it cannot be veneered anymore. Your dentist have to cut it and replace it with a new one. You can always improve the look of your new crown by not using any metal and having an all porcelain crown.

Kate Sahafi, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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