Veneers or Cosmetic Bonding For White Stains on Teeth and Unevenness?

I Think my teeth are generally nice but they have white stains on them and the tooth next to my right front tooth is shorter than the rest of my teeth so I am considering getting them bonded by a cosmetic dentist since I really don't want to spend $4,000+ on four front veneers. What do you suggest?

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Best Way to Get Rid of the White Spots on My Teeth

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A photo would certainly be useful to answer your question better.  However, sometimes white spots can be removed with "Microabrasion" a cosmetic technique that can get many white spots off. If you are a candidate for microabrasion and it helps you, then you could whiten your teeth and perhaps bond the one tooth that is shorter than the others.

However, if the adjacent tooth is too long, sometimes some recontouring could dramatically improve your smile.


Good Luck!!


Houston Dentist

Bonding vr veneers for white stains and length issues

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Definitely try the bonding first as it does not require extensive grinding on the teeth and cosemetic results are very feasible with the new materials on the market.  If composite bonding breaks down too fast and or you want to go to veneers in the future, you always have that option and you have not ground your teeth down so you can place bonding again if you want.  Good luck!

Bonding Vs, Veeners

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You say you are happy with your teeth with the exception of the white stains, and you would like to make one tooth a little longer in front .  You also mentioned you do not want to spend $4,000  on four front veneers so basically you answered your own question!  I think that veneers should be your last resort here.  If your dentist is skillful and has good bonding skills he can lengthen the one tooth and the bonding should successfully hide the white stains you mentioned.  I would go with this procedure first and if you do not like the result, you can always have veneers placed.

George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

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Veneers vs Cosmetic Bonding for White Stains & Uneveness

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You did not include any close-up photos of your smile, so it's impossible for me to tell the extent and severity of the white spots. I also cannot tell the discrepancy in height of your lateral incisors compared to your gums and your entire smile.

Perhaps if you resubmit this question with good close-up photos of your SMILE, I could help you better.

As a general answer: Cosmetic Bonding, in the hands of a well-trained and experienced Cosmetic Dentist, can look as good as veneers. Just might not last as long.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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