Veneers or Braces First for Cracked, Discolored, and Bucked Tooth?

I have a cracked, discolored front tooth that is bucked and sticks out from the other teeth. Can I possibly get veneers and they can adjust the alignment at the same time, or would I need braces to fix one tooth?

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It's really up to you to get braces or veneers first

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Veneers can right a lot of wrongs for sure and they only take two weeks from beginning to end. Invisalign will take some months, then you have to get the veneers after that. So it comes down to time and money. If your bite won't allow for veneers then correction should be done first. Good luck!

Los Angeles Dentist

Post a photo

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Can you post a photo??. From your cell phone would be fine

We can tell you more then.


George Koutsoukos, DDS
Valencia Dentist

Braces first, then Veneers

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When doing both, I do Invisalign/Braces first. This places the teeth in a position such that I may be most conservative with my tooth preparation and that I will get the most aesthetic outcome.

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Generally, braces first allows better veneers

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When we can align the teeth, we can avoid additional treatment. Severely misaligned teeth, when prepped to allow ideal alignment, can lead to root canal therapy that can be avoided otherwise. There is no guarantee that root canal therapy would be needed, but the odds increase the more the teeth are misaligned.

If veneers are in the treatment plan, often the braces phase of treatment can be shorter. When braces are the only treatment, we often fine tune the wires and position of the teeth, which can take months. If we plan to veneer, we just need the teeth in a better position before we begin, leading to a much shorter treatment time with braces.

Veneers and Realignment of teeth

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As a rule thumb and if possible, I would always prefer that my patientt gets braces first to realign the teeth, especially if the tooth/teeth have significant misalignment.

Realignin the teeth first allows to be more conservative in the amount of tooth that needs to be removed for an Ideal result. Braces first could also improve long term strability of the veneers.

Can Veneers alone achieve realignment? Of course! it is done all the time and sometimes it is the only reason why veneers are done, but if the tooth really sticks out and it is really discolored it may be difficult to fix just with veneers.

Lorenzo Minniti, DDS
Alpharetta Dentist

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