Sore and Super Sensitive After Veneers

I had to have my two front lower teeth bonded in the 70's and rebonded in the late eigheties. I recently got my insurance to agree to pay for me to have them veneered the one on the left is sore and super sensitive. It has been three weeks. I have done flouride trays and even flouride varnish I also had it X-Rayed. Nothing is working. Yesterday it felt ok today it feels like the tooth is an appendage. What should I do I cannot live like this?

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Simple steps to help mouth pain and sensitivity after veneers

1. Need for adjustment to the bite / possible need for night guard. The shape of the veneer may need to be adjusted to interdigitate with your bite.

2. Once adjusted, if the pain is the same or worse, the pulp in the sensitive tooth may be failing – a referral to an endodontist is indicated, as you may need a root canal.

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Sometimes "punting" is all you can do

Sometimes, even with the most careful technique, "stuff" happens. Despite our best efforts, simply redoing procedures results in a better outcome. Redoing work is usually the last resort, as sometimes there are more simple solutions.

It is possible that the nerve of the tooth is affected as well, and root canal therapy would be necessary.

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Could be a number of things

It could be a number of things:

1) Your bite could be off (i.e. you're hitting it first, or first in certain jaw movements)

2) It could be a bond failure. Bonding porcelain is extremely technique sensitive, any step (if done inproperly) could cause a bond failure.

3) There could be decay underneath. Unlikely- but remnant decay is a source for pain.

Two possible solutions

One might be that you are grinding at night because the tooth is new, thus, aggravating the nerve. If that's the case, then you need a nightguard to prevent this and stop the sensitivity.

Secondly, the bite might be off a little with the upper tooth,which is common with veneers cause you're adding material. Be sure to go in and have the bite checked. Even the thickness of a human hair can make the difference. Good luck.

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