One Veneer for a Hidden Tooth?

Hi, I have one crooked tooth that is behind my canine and front tooth. Can I put a veneer on that one tooth so the surface would match the front tooth and canine? Thank you!

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Using veneers to correct a malpositioned tooth

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While porcelain veneers can often be used to correct a tooth that is in lingual version, that is behind your two adjacent teeth, it will require a preparation that can reduce tooth structure for it to look someowhat normal and congruent  to your other teeth (and not too bulky). another option you may want to consider that is more conservative is an Invisalign Express treatment which uses clear aligned trays which can be used for a short period that will give you a very desirable aesthetic result.

Veneer for hidden tooth

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Without seeing a picture it is nearly impossible to tell if you can have a veneer placed or not.  If it is that far behind there may be no way to bring it out far enough or the veneer may be too thick.  You may also consider orthodontics to move the tooth into the proper position.  Seek out information from a cosmetic dentist to determine your best course of treatment



Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Can I get one Vener for a Hidden Tooth

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I have done what you are describing on a number of occasions successfully.  It depends on how far back it is, the width of the space available and your bite as each individual case is unique.  An experienced cosmetic dentist could tell you if it is possible and if the result could match your expectations.  Otherwise, orthodontics is the obvious alternative.

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Veneering a hidden tooth

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You need to post a photo. What is it that you mean it is behind the canine ? if you are trying to say that your  canine is more prominent and the tooth behind it ( first bicuspid) is being over shadowed by the canine, then answer would be yes. However , I am guessing. without a photo at the minimum, no one can give you an accurate answer.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

One Veneer for a Hidden Tooth

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It's impossible to answer this without seeing a photo. It all depends on how far behind the central and cuspid the lateral actually is. It also depends on your level of cosmetic expectation. The best cosmetic solution would be orthodontics to improve the malposition. However, if the position is not too far back, and you're not expecting "perfection", then 1 veneer might work.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Veneer for Malpositioned Tooth

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Based on your description it sounds like your lateral veneer is behind the central incisor and the canine. In this situation when the lateral incisor just does not have adequate space in the arch the best aesthetic and ling-term solution will be to get orthodontic treatment. Veneer will not be able to resolve the problem with the narrow space and can make the front look even worse.

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