Do I Have Veneer Failure?

14 months ago, I had a combination of 12 veneers & crowns placed for a smile makeover. 10 anterior teeth & 2 on the bottom, 1 canine & first premolar. The premolar had to have a root canal done in less than 2 months. A week ago, the farthest crown on one side came off while flossing & had a foul odor. The tooth underneath was 2/3 black. It did have a filling prior to prep. Part of the tooth came off too so having post/core build up & crown. One of my incisors has made a clicking & now sensitive.

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Sometimes dentistry can be viewed as heroic

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Quite often dentists are asked to perform services that have limited probability of success and have success anyway.  Crowns and veneers coming off, discolorations and many other issues may have simple solutions, such as a different cement, using a tooth disinfectant (to remove the black discoloration) and many others.

Is your case a failure?  Probably not.  Depending on the condition of the teeth before starting and any undiagnosed bite issues, there just may be more to success with you than simply veneering teeth.

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