Veneer or Crown on Healthy Front Tooth with Gap?

Had a lateral that was in good shape, but 80% of normal size resulting in a gap, then incisors moved over time after orthodontia. After teeth were moved back, I wanted gap filled. Some dentists said veneer, others crown. Dentist I chose said crown would remove minimal tooth due to gap on each side not even breaking thru enamel . Tooth is a small peg now with crown. Expect to snap off in few years from tearing action. He had said a veneer would require same prep. I feel lied to & am very upset.

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It's hard to make a judgement as to whether the dentist reduced too much of your tooth structure without having x-rays, model or photos. However, with the given information, I can say that if you had a gap between teeth ( inter- proximal),reduction will still be needed for both veneer and crown on the facing ( Lip ) side of the tooth, and since you had gaps it will make the teeth look very peg like. 

 I do not see a motive for the dentist to lie. Veneers are more expensive in my office. So unless he charged more for a crown , I do not see why he should lie.



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Crown or Veneer

Remember that is all about perception. Without a prep picture or X-rays is hard to say. Maybe for you is a small peg tooth, but maybe the reality is that that was the correct preparation. It is hard to say. Either way it doesn't matter if the prep needed was minimal or not, the case here is how much removal of tooth structure your tooth needed to create the proper crown for your mouth structure and aesthetic reasons.

Hi Patricktexas.....

I am so sorry to hear what happened to you. Sounds like you did your homework and sought more than one dentists' opinion!  I do not understand why you had that much of your tooth removed to put on a crown.  Since you are trying to close the gap, you should have been able to have gone with a veneer or a crown having little to take off the tooth structure. It makes no sense to have taken it down to a small peg!  Both procedures required A MINIMAL amount to prep, and  I do understand your frustration.  I would find another dentist and not stay with one who placed the crown!  Again I am so so sorry happened to you! 

I feel lied to?

If in fact you have a peg shaped lateral I agree your dentist would not remove any more tooth structure whether you did a veneer or crown, Question for you to consider what advantage would your dentist have  by lying to you? In our office we charge the same fee and in most cases a crown will last longer with less problems... something for you to consider. Good Luck



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Veneer or crown

Both procedures required A MINIMAL amount to prep, and  I do understand your frustration.  I would find another dentist and not stay with one who placed the crown!

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