Veneer or Crown for Front Left Tooth Root Canal

I am 20 years old, I never had a problem with my teeth before until 6 months ago i had an annoying sensation in my front tooth. The dentist said I needed a root canal because the nerve was inflamed. I did not do any research before it and that was bad on my fault. I now have a tooth that is discolored and i need to do something about it. My teeth are fairly white and I don't know what would be best. My tooth structure is still good and intact. It is embarrassing to smile.

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Whiten a single tooth

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Your case is unfortunate.  If your tooth was 'irreversibly' inflammed, then the root canal saved your tooth.  In your case, the root canal was a good thing - yet the resulting dark tooth is the problem now.  The procedure that may benefit you is a single tooth internal bleach.  This technique uses the same opening (back of the tooth) as the root canal - but a special bleaching compound is used to slowly whiten just that tooth.  The technique is a bit tricky, but may be your best 1st option. 

Sometimes, a single porcelain veneer is the solution - if the internal bleaching doesn't give you a satifactory result.  I certainly wish you the best and hope you get your happy smile back!

Plano Dentist

Veneers and crowns good for root canal teeth..but...

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The dentist doing the procedure will give you the best advice really..We cant see the tooth here online enough to tell if the veneer will be thick enough to mask the darker tooth. The crown may work best cuz its thicker and adds a little more strenth to the tooth in most cases...Good question tho..

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Enhancement of one dark tooth after root canal

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Sorry your tooth turned dark after the root canal but this does sometimes occur.  Your options are Internal Bleaching, a Porcelain Crown, or a Porcelain Veneer depending on the diagnosis by your dentist. All will be difficult to obtain a perfect match and requires a great deal of skill from the dentist and ceramist. Best of luck to you.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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Access for root canal may require full porcelain crown

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If Susan's advice doesn't work and a porcelain restoration is needed, the style may already be determined.  If the access to do the root canal  was large, then a lot of tooth structure is compromised and a full crown is needed.  If the access was very small, then a porcelain veneer is likely all you need.

Whitening One Front Tooth

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You may be able to whiten this tooth back to match your other teeth.  First you may try a custom whitening tray and just put the whitening gel in that one tooth - try to get it to brighten up to match the others.  Alternatively, since the tooth has already had a root canal, you may be able to whiten it from the inside with a technique called a walking bleach technique.  Find a good cosmetic dentist (do your research) to help you decide what is best for you -- all of the leading-edge dentistry is trending to more and more conservative (less drilling, less invasive) don't let someone talk you into a crown or something with metal...

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