Veneer or Brace? (photo)

I'm so self-conscious about my teeth, especially my front teeth. My right lateral upper front tooth is gone. They are uneven. Also, my teeth are protruding a little bit. However, I'm wondering if I need braces or veneers. Perhaps, my lower teeth are good enough not to have a veneer if I need one. What is your input with my situation? I'm 31 now. I would like my teeth to be fixed asap before I get into my Associate-RN program.

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Veneers or braces

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The most natural and perm. fix is your own teeth. Your problem seems that a combo treatment is best. I would say get your natural teeth where they need to be and the bond and or replace the missing one. Having the correct teeth in the right place is going to make your smile nice and natural. The lower you could do invisalign.


Chesterfield Orthodontist

BOTH! Braces and Veneers.

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It looks like your case is complicated and will likely require you to have both orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.  Midline issues, protruding teeth, and asymmetry (with your missing lateral incisor) are all problems that can be solved with orthodontics.  However, big changes in the size and shape of your teeth is more of a cosmetic dental issue.  The treatment you decide will ultimately be 'what you want'...

I can see a scenario where you open up the lateral space for an implant.  Another scenario where you remove either your left lateral incisor or a bicuspid to correct the midline and protruding teeth. You could fix your teeth with veneers "fixed asap" but it's not going to correct your protruding teeth or midline.  That's my two cents. Good luck!


Robert Passamano, DDS
Irvine Orthodontist

I would combine braces and veneers

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There is much more to know about your case before giving you a definitive answer.  Your treatment could be done with veneers or braces.  It seems like you want a quick solution.  Veneers are the fastest way to create straight looking teeth.

There is another way to approach this that I think would give you the best looking and most stable result.  With braces have an orthodontist move your midline back to the right spot, and open up the space for the missing lateral incisor.  You could then place an implant in that spot with a crown, or you could have a bridge made to replace the missing tooth.  This would create symmetry and look the most natural.

Martin Frankel, DDS
Toronto Dentist

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