Is VelaSmooth Painful?

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What to expect from Velasmooth

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I have provided Velasmooth treatments for four years. My results are anecdotal and I have no randomized studies on Velasmooth.

  1. Velasmooth patients usually experience mild pain during the first treatment and rarely bruising. This occurs most often during treatment of the medial thighs. Subsequent treatments and maintenance treatments are not reported to be painful and are well tolerated.
  2. The result from Velasmooth treatments is VERY user dependent. In other words, not all providers of Velasmooth get the same result.
  3. The result from Velasmooth is also dependent on the patient finishing the complete regimen (2 treatments per week for 5 to 7 weeks)
  4. As with nearly all non-invasive treatments, the results are temporary and maintenance treatments (one every 3 months)
  5. Velasmooth is effective for mild to moderate cellulite and can decrease thigh circumference (anecdotal)

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