Velashape Treatment After Lipo Smart

Had Smart Lipo 6 weeks ago and have some swelling around my umbilical area. I was told that Velashape will help me with the sweeling/lumps and tighten my skin so will have better results? How long should I wait to start Velashape treatments since I still have some swellling and it is worth the money? Thanks!

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Velashape after liposuction

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Velashape could begin now six weeks after liposuction but if money is an issue, and usually it is, then consider being patient for several months to see how your body will decrease the swelling on its own. you can always have the Velashape later.

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Velashape after Smart Lipo

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Thank you for your question. Swelling can last for up to several months after treatment, so I would advise waiting a few more months for swelling to go down. This way, you do not spend money on a Velashape treatment that you might not even need. 

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