Velashape Vs Smart Lipo for Hips and Buttocks

Hi! I am 5'1" and weigh 126 lbs. My problem area are my hips and buttocks-just a bit disproportional. During my consult, I was told that Velashape would take care of my problem although it was also mentioned that I'd be a good candidate for Smart Lipo as well because that fix would be permanent and the Velashape was not a guarantee.

What do I do? Go with the noninvasive procedure with no guarantee or go with Smart Lipo? Please help!

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VelaShape versus SmartLipo for hips/thighs

There really isn't a great comparison between these procedures, as they are completely different.  VelaShape is FDA-approved for cellulite reduction and for circumferential reduction of the thighs, but the results are definitely TEMPORARY.  Liposuction in any form (SmartLipo, traditional lipo, Lipotherme, VASER, etc) is permanent. 

Unless you are adamant that you want to avoid surgery for some reason, I wouldn't spend money for VelaShape to achieve size reduction.  Have the liposuction done.  Use VelaShape to treat any cellulite.

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