VelaShape for Droopy Buttocks and Reducing Thigh Fat?

I have a small and droopy buttocks, and my front and inner upper thighs have a lot of fat. The fat has been there since adolescene. I'm now 52. There are also cellulites/dimpling, although secondary compared to the issue of fallen butt cheeks. Can Velashape raise my buttocks and reduce the fat in my thighs? I'm a conscientious eater and fat gain is not the issue.

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Velashape can help with lumpy thighs.

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Velashape is FDA approved for the treatment of cellulite which appears to be one of your problems. These treatments on the buttocks and thighs can make a difference. Stimulating the circulation in these areas should result in some smoothing of the surface and may result in small reduction in the overall size of the area. It is important to only consider these treatments if you are exercising regularly, eating healthy and not gaining body fat. Liposuction is a much more effective method of reducing localized fat accumulations. We combine liposuction with Velashape for many of our patients. Good luck!

Dr. Mosher

Vancouver Plastic Surgeon
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In my experience any improvement you see with VelaSmooth or VelaShape will be minimal and temporary and you need to evaluate your goals and expectations. There are no proven treatments yet for cellulite but there certainly is a lot of "hype" for different products and lasers. Ask to see pictures of patients that have had similar problems and see the after photos and ask about how long this lasted. Photos can be quite deceptive (not always intentional). Talk with some of these patients to get at their results and how pleased they were. I'm still waiting for a definitive treatment of cellulite. Now if you also have localized areas of bulging yo may at least get a better shape and be able to wear clothing more comfortable by having liposuction or laser assisted lipolysis. In a fraction of my laser assisted cases the cellulite did improve but it was not the goal of the procedure.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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