Can Vela Shape Cause Joint/back Pain or Long Term Side Effects?

I just had my 7th session of Vela shape on my upper back thighs (butt area) and on the sides of my thighs and after the 5th treatment, my body is feeling sore all the time. My lower back has been hurting and I am having trouble bending and moving in the squat position (when i work out). The other night it was so painful, I couldnt pick up my leg at all. Could vela be causing any long term affects? Should I stop treatment? Has anyone else reported this? Thank you, Jen

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Velashape does not cause joint or back pain

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Velashape does not cause joint pain or back pain.

I recommend that you see your primary care physician for proper history and physical examination to see if you have back issues, back pain causing more or undue stress on your joints causing pain and inflammation. 

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