How Can I Make the Veins Go Away from Under my Eyes, I Am 15 Help !!!

I am 15 years old and since i was about 13 i have had these veins undeer my eyes and i am really cautious about them. I really want them to go, none of my parents have them or my 8 brothers or sisters. I would like a natural thing to help them go away as i wear no make up etc. Please help me ? x

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Laser treatment and/or micro phlebectomy

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Facial veins are common nuisances that a lot of people experience. Have you seen some people with really prominent forehead vein that pops out everytime they are yelling at someone or gets mad? What about veins in between your eyes and nose. Also, numerous capillary veins over the nose, cheeks, forehead. Severe form of capillary over the cheeks may cause someone to blush uncontrollably even in minimal stressful situations. A lot of doctors usually blow them off as being insignificant, but to each individual patients, they can be the only thing they notice out in public. There are good treatments available. Sclerotherapy, micro phlebectomy, and Yag laser treatments. Yag laser shouldn't be used too close to the eyes as they can penetrate thin eyelids, but in general is safe to use in skilled hands. We usually place metal eyeshields with lidocaine when we treat anything near the eyes, just to be extra cautious. Slerotherapy is also another good option for bigger veins over the forehead or temple. Sclerotherapy should NOT be used around the eyes, for the fear that they may thrombose retinal veins and cause blindness. Good examination of the vein anatomy is critical. Microphlebectomy is also a good option, but it really depends on how good the surgeon is in performing the procedure. Usually, I use 18 gauge needle to make a skin puncture, use microhook to grab the tiny vein, and remove them carefully after infiltrating the area with lidocaine with epi. For facial microphlebectomy, a surgeon should not be suturing the incision: There is no need to make an incision. Simple puncture is enough, and closure with tiny steri-strip gives best cosmetic result.

Chandler General Surgeon

Treatment of under eye veins with laser, sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy

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There are different types of veins including spider veins which are treated with lasers or ohmic thermolysis.

Larger veins should be treated with microphlebectomy. 

A picture would have been helpful for proper guidance. 

Vein Treatment

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Nothing natural will make them go away.  See an opthamologist for an assessment of how to treat them.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Veins around the eyes

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This is a very difficult area because of the location of the veins.  They can be treated with laser therapy, or stab Phlebectomy.  It can cause some bruising but is very effective in removing the veins completely.

Victoria Karlinsky, MD
Manhattan General Surgeon
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