Vein wave treatment fail (Photo)

I had a Vein Wave Treatment performed on my legs 4 months ago to get rid of small spider veins, they look WAY worse and very noticeable. I REGRET ever having the treatment, the brochure was deceiving, it indicated the following: No downtime,Instant results with NO side effects NO SCARRING

Will a laser erase this mistake I have made?, I am just sick looking at what the veinwave treatment did to my legs, they look far WORSE! Can anything be done to get rid of this hideous mess on my legs? HELP!

Doctor Answers 1

Laser related scars and hyperpigmentation

The picture shows some partial and full thickness injury to the dermis. As you signed on the informed consent, laser injury can occur along with hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation and scarring, it is not common. Total heal time is up to 180 days (scar healing and scar revision) and after that you and your treating provider can decide what steps to take to help improve the cosmetic appearance of the treated area. I recommend the use of Scar Serum in the interim from KareSkin

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