Vein Treatment for Veins Around the Eyes?

I have recently noticed veins becoming visible around my eye (the corner of both my left and right eye as well as my eyelid).

I know that Sclerotherapy is not recommended in this area near the eyes but is there any other treatment available that you as a doctor have performed and found successful in treating this?

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Long pulse lasers for veins around the corners of the eyes

Sclerotherapy is not contraindicated for treating these veins. It should be done by a vein specialist. 

Long pulse lasers for veins around the corners of the eyes. 

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Veins around the eyes

I have successfully treated blood vessels around the eyes with the Nd:YAG vascular laser and the pulsed-dye laser. Other devices such as the IPL/fotofacial would also work for smaller vessels. Eye protection during the procedure is important, as is pain management, e.g. nerve blocks that make the otherwise painful procedure very tolerable.

Good luck.

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