Which Vein Therapy Is Best?

i have reflux in my legs, and have few veins that show and bumpy and a few spider veins that bleed and are now in spread out appearance, my doctor stated we can do sclerotherapy or a VNUS procedure, which is cost effective , less pain and will give my legs a good appreance, also i have factor v ledien het.

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Factor V Leiden mutation and Vein Procedures like the Venefit Procedure (VNUS Closure)

1 copy of the factor V Leiden mutation places you at 7X increased risk of developing deep vein clots compared to those who don't have this mutation. Two copies of this mutation increases your risk 80 times. So, you can have sclerotherapy and Venefit Procedures and EVLT procedures with these mutations, but the risk is higher than the general population. However, you must see a board certified phlebologist (vein specialist) to assess your risk and to have a discussion with you (risks and benefits and alternatives to treatment).

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Vein Treatment

I think you should see a vascular surgeon, have a venous assessment by the surgeon, then look at options.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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VNUS Closure for Reflux

I have performed over 2500 VNUS Closure procedures and find that, although not infallible, the procedure releives 90% of symptoms in 90% of patients. As the Great Saphenous Vein is the main source of venous reflux (chronic venous insufficiency) in over 85% of patients, ablating it alleviates the problem. Though endovenous laser ablation is effective , the complication rates are, in fact, slightly higher and the time to perform the procudere is slightly longer. However, both are good options.

I do not recommend abalting the saphenous vein witrh sclerotherapy, foam or otherwise.

Jeffrey W. Kronson, MD
Los Angeles General Surgeon

Best vein therapy

laser and vnus radiofrequency ablation have equivalent long term success rates in treating gsv and ssv reflux.  around 85% five year closure rates.


some studies show vnus to cause alot less bruising and post op pain since the heat is not dissipated outside the area of the catheter.  the techonolgy concentrates heat better than laser.

in general you will be happy with either as they are better than stripping


microphlebectomy can be used to treat varicose veins that arenet affected by laser and vnus.

Timothy Mountcastle, MD
Ashburn Plastic Surgeon
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