How Can Leg Discoloration from Vein Problems Be Reduced?

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Reducing discoloration from vein problems - Scleroquin

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When discoloration is related to longstanding vein problems and venous reflux disease, Scleroquin can help reduce the intensity of this discoloration. An important thing to do as well is to have a phlebologist treat the venous insufficiency (venous reflux disease). See link below. 

Hydroquinone = RX for melanocytic disorders. Compression/Surgery = RX for venous disease

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Hydroquinone is useful in management of melanocytic disorders.

Pigmentation from venous disease is more often the result of venous stasis dermatitis or deposition of hemoglobin pigments in the skin. The best treatment is prevention which consists of management of the venous disease or use of compression stockings and elevation to minimize the sequelae of stasis dermatitis.

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