Veneers to Fix Teeth or Braces? (photo)

Can Veenering Fix my Outwards and Rotated Lateral Incisor?I Consulted Few Doctors,some Say It Can N Other Recommend Braces.Help!

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Veneers or Braces

Based on the photo, I would absolutely recommend moving the teeth over cutting them down to place veneers.  You would have to remove alot of tooth structure to correct the smile with veneers and will likely need root canal treatment on one or two teeth.

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Veneers for rotated teeth

In the situation like yours the best approach will be orthodontic treatment. It will give aesthetic, stable, long-term results, protecting the gums and teeth.

Veneers to Fix Teeth or Braces?

Doing braces  will be the best more conservative approach for you. If you want a smile makeover with Veneers there are chances of other procedures needed. I know you are thinking, braces will take a long time and its uncomfortable, but you will surprise with the latest technology available now a days, orthodontist have great tools and techniques. Also they do not have to look ugly, they have porcelain brackets that makes you feel confident about yor smile. Remember, most of orthodontist consultation are free and they will go over all your options, cost and lenght of treatment.

Pamela Marzban, DDS
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Braces are always best long term

With braces you can keep your teeth more intact. After braces you may not need anything or you may need minor bonding or worst case scenario, conservative venneers.

If you do not get braces (or Invisalign), then the teeth would require agressive grinding to correct the rotation and misalignment. This may require the need to do a root canal. The teeth will be weaker and this is irreversible. When they need to be redone, you may end up with crowns and eventually you may run out of tooth structure.

Doing braces will also level out any other teeth and give you a more stable bite that will reduce tooth wear, chipping, etc. And everything will look better, including the laterals than if you only did venneers.

Good luck

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
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Veneer or Orthodontics to Solve Protruding Incisor

The tooth certainly could be restored.  The downside of doing a veneer is that significant tooth structure would have to be removed to get it back into alignment and could possibly damage the nerve.  Orthodontics could also resolve the problem.  If you have other concerns with your smile or bite, having those corrected along with the one tooth would be an additional benefit.  If its just the one tooth you are concerned about and do not want to go through the process and time orthodontics would involve, then do the veneeer.

Donald L. Wilcox, DDS
Glendale Dentist
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