Have Had 2 VBeam Treatments for Rosacea but No Improvement, What Can I Do To See Results from VBeam Treatments?

I get red bumps reduced with creams & antibiotics before doing vbeam again? or does it not make a difference? setting on 2nd was 6 millimeters? + 11 joules. should I try stacking or multiple passes next?

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V-Beam for rosacea

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Most patients require 2-3 treatment to help with the redness of rosacea. Some patients require 3-4 treatments. Also, you may need the laser done at a higher strength.

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Treatments for Rosacea...

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You should ask your doctor about stacking or doing more that one pulse to the area. You also have left out the most important aspect-the wavelength. The shorter wavelength, may get better results, but could so show more “purpura” purple discoloration from past treatments.  

Elliot M. Heller, MD
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Vbeam takes several treatments to see results

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 Everyone's reaction to Vbeam is different. In general after the third treatment you will see improvement. It depends on how severe your rosacea is and how quickly your body responds.  There definitely is a range. 

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