I Have Had 1 Vbeam Treatment 1 Week Ago but Have Not Seen Any Improvement at All. Options?

1 week post-op Vbeam with seeing improvement at all. What do you suggest I ask the physician assistant to do to make the vbeam more effective? I heard about "stacking" - is this zapping the same area twice before moving on to next? or about "multiple passes" - going over area more than once. Would either of these 2 methods work? If so, which one is better? She said it may be around 40% improvement after 1st treatment but 0 improvement - I'm discouraged since I have tried all the creams & antibios with no help.Thks

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Single session Vbeam treatment uncommon

Most of the indications for using the VBeam require more than 1 treatment to achieve satisfactory results. For instance, the average number for reducing facial redness is between 3 and 6.

I have achieved the occasional single treatment 'cure' with spider naervus and discrete pigmented spots.

Birmingham Plastic Surgeon
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V-beam may require multiple treatments

Most patients require 2 treatments for erythema (redness). However, some patients need 3-4 treatments. A lot also depends on the energy that's used to do the treatment.

Gary Goldenberg, MD
New York Dermatologist

No Improvement after 1 Treatment...

The VBeam may be used more aggressively with a shorter wavelength. You should ask your doctor about that. However, the shorter the wavelength may in turn cause more “purpura” or purple discoloration.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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