Is V Beam Safe for a Type I Diabetic?

Will I heal okay?

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Vbeam very safe

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The VBeam is the state of art Pulsed Dye laser on the market.  It is very effective for vascular lesions such as facial veins, "broken capillaries", Rosacea, angiomas, leg veins, Port Wine Stains-- the list goes on.  If treating the right condition and with the right skin type, the VBeam is exceptionally safe.  Treatments should not cause any skin injury, blister or scab.

Being a Type 1 Diabetic does not preclude you from undergoing treatment with the Vbeam, and does not increase your risk of injury.  But as always, be sure to be evaluated and treated only by a physician Board Certified in accepted field of aesthetic medicine who has extensive training and experience with lasers.

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