Is Vbeam Laser Without Purpura Effective to Reduces Permanently Redness on Cheeks?

I have red cheeks since I was 10 years but a few years ago the redness have increased with some flushing so I had my first Vbean treatment yesterday. My face was really red yesterday, but today is to good to me considering I had a Vbeam yesterday, I`m just a little bit swollen. My dermatologist bought a new cadela Vbeam machine and she said that`s why there is no downtime. Comparing to my friend that used the old candela, my face is much much better. So I was wondering if that is effective? Thx

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Better V Beam

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The V beam is a pulsed dye laser and is excellent for ridding patients of vascular lesions and redness.

Most likely, your dermatologist used a Candela V Beam Perfecta.The Perfecta has a shorter pulse duration than the regular V Beam machine. In addition, it uses what the Candela people call a DCD or Dynamic Cooling Device. This cools the skin before, during and after each pulse and is meant to prevent the usual bruising afterwards.

I am glad you had a good experience.

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