Vasomotor Rhinitis and Rhinoplasty?

I am planning to have rhinoplasty however I also have Vasomotor Rhinitis, I have a few questions, is there anything that could be done during my rhinoplasty that might help the effects of my vasomotor rhinitis? Could rhinoplasty make my vasomotor rhinitis worse?

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Vasomotor rhinitis and rhinoplasty

 Vasomotor rhinitis and rhinoplasty are 2 completely separate issues on the nose and are completely unrelated. The vasomotor rhinitis will not get any better or worse with the Cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

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Vasomotor rhinitis and rhinoplasty

Vasomotor rhinitis is likely not going to get worse. You may have more congestion in the immediate period after your surgery but it should not exacerbate the problem with vasomotor rhinitis which causes more running of your nose with certain triggers. You could have an endoscopic procedure to cut the vidian nerve which can contribute to excessive running of the nose, at the time of your rhinoplasty. I would discuss this with your surgeon or find a sinus surgeon who has expertise in this area to perform this at the same time as your rhinoplasty.

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