Age 18, 5'8", 200lb - Should I Get VASER?

I'm 18 years young, about 5ft 8 & 200 lb & for now I just want to get down to 180. Actually I just lost about 30 lb. & I have seem to hit a plateau for months now & it depresses the hell out of me & makes me want to just give up (which trust me, I haven't). My big problem areas are my inner thighs, tummy (duh), and back. Is VASER is a good option for me or would another type of lipo would be better? Also what would the cost typically be?

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Vaser or not

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You have done so well so far with your diet and exercise that I would striongly suggest that you put your money into a personal trainer rather than Vaser. At 18, you have the ability to learn how and develope the right habits that will stay with you for a lifetime and allow you to get to the goals you want rather than relying on liposuctioning.


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healthy diet and regular exercise should improve your problem areas but if you plateau after several months, vaser will help

Christopher K. Livingston, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Weight and liposuction

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Liposuction whether it is Vaser or any other form is not a substitute for a diet. But, if you need a "boost" to treat problem areas because you ca';t seem to lose more weight at this point, you would need to be evaluated and a review of the pros and cons need to be discussed.

Weight loss plateau and VASER liposuction

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Ideally you would lose all the weight on your own with a combination of diet and exercise. Especially at your age, you should work as hard as you can to get your exercise and eating habits fine-tuned so you don't battle weight issues your whole life. Liposuction is an alternative and I often perform it for people who are stuck and can't seem to lose any more. VASER is an excellent option for taking care of all of these areas since it allows us to take out maximum amounts of fat with minimum trauma. You would have to be evaluated personally to get the exact cost. A ballpark figure for those three areas would probably be in the $9000 range.

Andrew Kaczynski, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Am I a good candidate for VASER?

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I would tend to agree with the other responses that you have not found a good balance between diet and exercise and that these would be the first places to start.  While I personally prefer VASER liposuction to any other contouring technique, it is not perfect. 

For your height, you probably would benefit from losing at least 20 pounds before pursuing any form of body contouring.  That being said, your results will last longer and look better if achieved with the right starting conditions. 

As for price, that really depends on the area of the country and the expertise of the surgeon.

I hope that helps!

18 year olds and liposuction are a slippery slope

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At 200 pounds, you have not found a proper balance between the calories you take in and those you burn. Trying to fix this with liposuction of any kind is a slippery slope because it teaches you that you can manage your problems from without rather than from within.  I would strongly adivse you to get a personal trainer, be strict about what you eat and lose another 30-40 pounds and you will love your body much more than if you did liposuction.

VASER Could Help But Tweeking Your Diet and Exercise is Best

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Losing the weight as you have been doing is the best! Congratulations on your great progress.

Getting some counseling (a personal trainer could be very helpful) may help you to get past your plateau. The ideal is to make the lifestyle and dietary change that will be most healthful and sustainable. Chose the trainer with care to be sure they are plugged into your situation, knowledgeable and will be a good motivating cheerleader for you.

At your age, establishing these good habits is a critical tactic that will have life-long impact!

That being said, I have had patients for whom a targeted procedure like VASER has been helpful in breaking through a plateau.

Good luck!


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in my opinion, the final result will not make any difference what method of liposuction you choose.  traditional tumescent will work the same way in good hands, and will be less costly.  there may be some changes in the recovery, however, depending on the modality.

Age 18, 5'8", 200lb - Should I Get VASER?

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Sure Vaser can work. I prefer the Body Jet Lipo system for better results and faster recovery. Seek in person evaluations. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

Vaser Lipo

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At 18, you are on the young side of a lipo candidate. Be extremely diligent with your diet, no fast foods, white breads, desserts, an exercise program or 60 minutes a day of cardio, and 7 days a week of this.  If you cannot break your plateau after this, then lipo can be considered.

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