Is There Such a Thing As Vaser Super Hi Def?

I've heard of Vaser Hi Def. I've recently heard of something called 'Super Hi Def'. Does it exist? If so what is it?

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Vaser Super Hi Def


If you wait long enough you will also probably run across the illegitimate progeny of 'Super Hi Def', namely :

  • "Super Duper Hi Def VASER"
  • "Select Super Hi Def VASER "
  • "90210 Super Hi Def' VASER " and
  • "Je m'en Fiche Super Hi Def' VASER"

As doctors in other specialties abandon practicing the professions they trained in and are increasingly drawn into the PRACTICE of Plastic Surgery, the competition for a gradually decreasing pool of patients able to pay for cosmetic surgery is rapidly heating up.

Unsubstantiated claims. Outrageous behavior. Photo shopped before and after images and proprietary trade marked names for established procedure are unfortunately becoming common place.

The is NOTHING new, nor "super" about the VASER procedure you ask about, apart from, potentially, the ego of the person making the claims.

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