Would Vaser Shape Be a Good Non Surgical Option for Me? (photo)

would VASER Shape(not lipo) be a good option for me for losing some fat and some tightening of upper abdomen? Im not completely sure I want to do an invasive procedure or is this a waste of money? There is not alot out there about VASER Shape. if you have any insights that would be appreciated.

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VASER Shape as a non surgical option

My first choice would be VASER- ultrasound assisted liposuction.  If performed correctly, that would give you a superior result than any non invasive treatment including VASER Shape.  The amount of stretch marks of your abdominal skin will respond very well to VASER Liposuction and will give you the the skin retraction needed for excellent result after the fat tissue has been removed.  

From all non invasive treatments available today, VASER Shape is the best alternative to VASER Liposuction and it will give you a reasonable improvement but the result from VASER Liposuction will be superior.  Using any other non invasive treatment may be considered a waste of time and money.  If you decide to go non invasive, you r choice should be 5 or 6 treatments with VASER Shape.  

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