Is VASER Shape a Good Option for a Turkey Neck?

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The short answer is "no".

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The short answer is no.  The structures that are contained under the skin of cartilage and bone are subject to increased heating and the patient’s experience is not very good.  The patient who has very loose neck skin, etc. is most likely to experience a better result with Vaser® liposuction.  But with inelastic skin this is often best combined with a neck lift procedure.  “Turkey necks” are very challenging because the combination of sun damage, inelasticity and extra fat layer provides a technical challenge for even the best cosmetic surgeons. 

Typically, the best results are multi-modality, namely laser treatments, architectural improvement with neck lift and corset platysmaplasty and then postoperatively treating the very loose skin with either chemical peels, thermal devices like SkinTyte (infrared energy) or laser resurfacing with Profractional laser using Sciton laser technologies.  

Vaser for turket neck

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No it is not able to be used on the neck due to the large size of the ultrasound head. Surgery is the go to procedure for a turkey neck. Good luck!


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No, in my opinion there will be more needed. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

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