What Can I Expect from Vaser? (Thin Woman, Smoker, No Skin Elasticity)

I am a thin size 2 but my "love handles" are annoying. Had a consult today with a reputable plastic surgeon in Costa Rica, where I live. He told me my skin lacks elasticity due to my smoking but that Vaser would be more effective than other lipo procedures. Can I expect good results? Healing time? How much and how long swelling? I live in the tropics so heat and humidity are an issue so I am concerned about having to wear the "garment" for a long time and not being able to don a swim suit.

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Liposuction Results

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Vaser Liposuction is used in favor of traditional liposuction in areas such as the "love handles" because it has proven effective in lessening post-operative bruising and swelling due to decreased trauma to the surrounding tissue with better skin tightening, as compared to traditional liposuction. Therefore, you can expect a shorter recovery time, less swelling and bruising andsome visable skin tightening.

Liposuction and love handles

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Liposuction whether is is with Vaser or some other source can work well for the love handles.  As far as skin tightening goes it is hard to predict.

Liposuction works great for love handles

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"Love Handles" are the single most favorable area to treat with liposuction.  Even with stretch marks and poor elasticity the love handle skin usually looks good.  Vaser is useful for the love handles because it can help the surgeon get more fat out of the area if it is fibrous.  I don't see much skin tightening from the Vaser.  I see more with Smartlipo, but most people have a good result with either in the love handle area.

Skin tightening with lipo? not so much

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The question of skin tightening with liposuction is very controversial, partly because skin shrinks a little bit with any form of lipo. There has been some data presented that VASER can produce a bit more tightening, as does "smart lipo" but not very much and probably not noticeable in most cases. Immediate post-lipo Thermage can cause around 40 percent more.


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I agree in theory with Dr. Aldea, but if any form of lipo can address the skin/fat of the hips is, in my opinion, SMART LIPO MPX. I recommend the garment for 2 to 6 weeks depending upon how you are healing. Regards From MIAMI Dr. B

VASER and Skin Elasticity

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There is NO scientific proof that the VASER or any other liposuction modality (such as laser liposuction) can correct and undo lost skin elasticity. Liposuction is a fat removal technique NOT a skin tightening technique. While you may get more skin shrinkage with VASER than you would with other liposuction technique, do NOT count on it.

Be aware than love handles skin shrinks better than other skin but do not view this treatment in the same way as a Butt lift or Tummy Tuck which ARE aimed at tightening loose skin.

Good Luck.

Dr. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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