Vaser Method Affects Viability of Fat for Butt Enhancement?

Does vaser liposuction affect viability of fat cells to be transferred into butt?

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Vaser Method Affects Viability of Fat for Butt Enhancement?

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Thank you for your question. Thus far, the viability of harvested fat for fat transfer does not seem to be negatively affected with Vaser in conventional mode. Fat can be harvested in a more gentle mode, but this seems to not be needed. A very busy practice in Columbia of Dr. Hoyas has been doing fat transfer for years with Vaser in a very high setting and has not had any fat viability issues. They use 90% in Continuous mode, not even using Vaser mode, reduced to 60-70% as was thought necessary, but he seems to disprove this. His fat viability is fantastic. Patients seem to have good retention several years out.  I hope this helps.

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Fat Viability after Vaser Liposuction

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Fat harvested using the Vaser liposuction system retains about an 85% viability. However, of the fat that is transferred to the buttocks, about 50-80 percent generally survives.

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Gregory C. Park, M.D.

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VASER & autologous fat transfer

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Hi Sophie, There have been no studies conducted or published in medical literature that state that VASER liposelection affects the viability of fat cells harvested for fat transfer. At the same time, there are none that say that it does not.

We prefer to harvest the fat required for fat transfer, with small finer cannulas, at a low pressure, without VASER assistance, prior to its transfer to the butt. After harvesting the fat, VASER assisted liposuction is done for body contouring.

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