Can vaser liposuction or ual liposuction alone correct the contour irregularities? (photos)

I had liposuction done a year and a half ago. I noticed at the post Opp visit that I had hardness and uneveness. The doctor advised me to massage and it should go away. Well here I am now and although I am very nervous about having Anything done.. I need to fix this asap! Can vaser liposuction alone correct this? Or does fat grafting have to be done as well? I've been to consultations from board cert. Surgeons but I am getting different answers. I'm so confused. Please help!!

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Liposuction revision in Los Angeles

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Swelling will take longer to resolve after revision liposuction. You may consider ancillary procedures including liposuction revision, lipocavitation, Liposonix, fat grafting, mesotherapy, skin tightening, and Ultherapy. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
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What can be done to improve a tummy liposuction

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Your photo suggests that most of the abdominal fat was removed at liposuction.
This leaves skin over muscle.
To my knowledge, no liposuction - including Vaser or laser (slim lipo, smart lipo) will improve your result.
I am so sorry.

There is no evidence that ultrasonically assisted or laser liposuction has skin tightening capability.

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For many years we tried to correct contour abnormalities resulting from liposuction with the introduction of electromagnetic energy such as lasers and ultrasound. They do not seem to help.

Examination needed

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There is no way to adequately evaluate your situation without a physical examination.  You should understand what each of your consultants are advising you and why.  Ask them about the opinions you have gotten from other surgeons - there is likely a logical explanation.  There is often more than one way to address a goven problem.  

Personally, I am cautious to add external energy (Laser or ultrasound) when treating contour irregularities and most often use fat grafting along with "standard" liposuction.  However, I am sure others can get equally good results with other modalities.

Post liposuction irregularity

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it seems to be a consequence of your healing process following liposuction
the only way to help this problem would be a process of fat grafting and redistribution of the existing fat
even after that there might not be a completely smooth contour
hope this helps
warm regards

Prashant Murugkar, MD
India Plastic Surgeon

Can vaser liposuction or ual liposuction alone correct the contour irregularities?

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Your posted photos is a common occurrence with lips, especially VASER &/or UAL. Thus think about ThermiSmooth RF sessions to try and smooth areas out...  

Vaser Lipo

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Thank you for the picture.

It seems like there's a lot of scarring tissue beneath your your skin and another liposuction will probably not give you smoother results and the amount of fat extracted can be very minor.

Dr. Campos

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
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