Normal to Gain and Lose Weight After Vaser Liposuction

Is it normal to gain and lose weight in the first few weeks or months after having Vaser Liposuction in abdomen and buttocks area? Is this related to swelling and is it normal for it to come and go? I've also noticed while I was sun tanning last weekend and the next day, I looked so swollen and uneven down to my my bottocks. Could that have contributed to the swelling? I don't see any change either. As you can see, day 4 was amazing. I looked great and now its so discouraging.

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Swelling after Vaser liposuction

 Fluctuations in weight and swelling are very common after any form of liposuction.  The weight issue should stabilize as your activity level increases. The swelling may be intermittent for months.

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