No Change After Vaser Liposuction

I had Vaser Lipo on upper arms, stomach, and around the belly (took out about 2000cc) about 6 months ago, and there is no change on my weight or measurements. I do notice my stomach is flatter and I have no lumpiness, but is this my final result--which really is no result? I haven't changed my eating habits (I eat pretty healthy) and I exercise regularly. I hear all these posts about Liposuction making them smaller sizes, but why do I have absolutely no change? I don't think it's weight gain. Help!

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Liposuction no matter which technique is used does not guarantee weight loss. It improves the contour. Yes, you will have weight removed, but you have to keep the weight off by exercising and watching your caloric intake. If you had a 1000 cc removal that is about 2.2 pounds. 2000 cc is about 4 .4 pounds. It really depends upon how much was removed.

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