Vaser Liposuction on Neck Area?

I am considering Vaser Liposuction on my neck area, but also concerned about the risk of making my neck look worse if it's not successful. Is this a legitimate concern? If there's a significant risk with Vaser, what would be the best procedure for removing fat from the neck area?

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The neck: so many options

Different surgeons = Different techniques.

Surgeons debate this all the time and there is no definitive treatment. Some recommend no liposuction, while others advise conservative suction, yet others believe in external fat "melting" such as thermage, but other physicians promote laser lipolysis, and some strongly push for direct removal with scalpel or scissors.

Vaser uses ultrasonic energy. If performed conservatively, it can be just as successful as any other technique. Some feel it promotes contraction of the skin but there are risks of "burning" the skin as well as seroma and possible denervation.

This is another option in the management of the neck. The primary issue here is the condition of your skin, muscle and bone which are the remaining anatomical factors which will influence your outcome.

Discuss these issues with your surgeon of choice.

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Is VASER liposuction useful in the neck area?

The short answer is yes, VASER liposuction is effective in this area. However, having used traditional liposuction, VASER liposuction, and LASER liposuction (SmartLipo), I have found that SmarLipo overal provides the best and most consistent results due to the extra "skin tightening" benefit that laser liposuction produces. But SmartLipo is not a miracle device, despite what many of the overhyped marketing pitches would have you believe. If you have a significant amount of fat in your neck, or the baseline skin elasticiy is not good, then no liposuction technique is going to give you a good result. I frequently see patients with heavy necks and some skin laxity who request neck liposuction as less "invasive" approach to their problem. Unfortunately, liposuction alone will not  get them a result that they would be happy with, and what they really need is a facelift with direct removal of fat from under the chin and in the neck, probably some tightening of the platysma muscle and lifting and tightening of the skin as part of a facelift. What is most important is that the person consults with an a real board certified Plastic Surgeon who has experience with all of these techniques who can provide a thoughtful solution and good rationale for their approach. 

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Best Neck Liposuction method

In the right hands, all liposuction methods appear to work well. After evaluating all methods, including Vaser, it does appear to me that if Laser Liposuction has any claims to superiority it is with neck liposuction. It appears that the results of either ProLipo (by Sciton - a better machine than Smart Lipo) and Slim Lipo (Palomar) both produce very nice neck results.

Dr. P. Aldea

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