Vaser Lipo Vs Cold Laser for the Buttocks?

I am looking for a spot treatment for the upper part of my buttocks. I would like value for my money. I'm in my late 40's and in good health, and slim with heavy bottom. I've been researching Cold Laser Treatment and have now found out about Vaser Liposuction. I'm comparing the two for treatment on the upper part of my buttocks. How much would that cost? What are the advantages of Vaser as compared to Cold Laser?

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Technique not technology for lipo on buttocks

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For a small area like the one you describe, your best option might be "regular" tumescent liposuction. The differences between the various technologies are still being determined and there is a lot of debate about whether any of it makes a difference. What matters most is the skill and judgment of the surgeon.

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