Was my Vaser Liposuction Not Aggressive Enough?

I had vaser liposuction two weeks ago, for my lower and upper abs, flanks and lower back. My concern is that I still can grab more than a handful of what appears to be fat on my flanks and lower-back. My hope is that this is swollen tissue, but I see no bruising in that area, making me unsure. Does my description sound like this is what I'm dealing with? Thanks.

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Was my Vaser Liposuction Not Aggressive Enough?

Photos are always more helpful than an explanation. Bu t sounds like there is residual fats. Seek an in person second opinion. 

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Loose skin after laser liposuction

If you can grab loose skin 2 weeks after liposuction, you might not have been a great candidate for it in the first place.  Lax skin will not substantially shrink with any kind of liposuction and needs excision for the tightest result.  You won't know until 4-6 months what the final result will be though.  Also, it is far better to be less aggressive than overly aggressive in liposuction because you can't fix the damage from overdone liposuction very well, if at all.

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