Vaser Lipo and Brazilian Butt Lift and Afraid My Surgeon Did a Poor Job?

Paid for a BRIZILIAN BUTT fat transfer with vaser of the upper/lower abs, bra line-mid back, flanks, lower back, Im worried that my surgeon did a poor job. I still have a huge roll in the mid back area. My flanks that I paid extra for look exactly the same. My stomach is smaller but still has a lot of fat on it. I spoke with the surgeon and he is saying that it is still a little swollen.surgeon. I feel so beat out of $7500. What a waste........

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BBL using Vaser or Laser is not a good idea

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It sounds as if you had your fat harvested with VASER liposuction which used ultrasound energy. This is a great way to do liposuction, if you are throwing the fat away, but when you need living fat cells for a BBL, it is a very bad idea. That fat cells haev been destroyed and will not survive. I would be very surprised if this was a board certified plastic surgeon who did this procedure, because we understand how delicate the fat cells are and that harvest technique is the most important part of the procedure. Unfortunately, you may need a revision at some point.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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It is possible that it is still early to judge the final results and have to wait till all the swelling is gine.

my concern is using vaser lipo for fat transfer. Vase Lipo uses ultrasound energy to disolve the fat and then liposuction it. One can not do fat transfer after killing the fat cells with any form of energy.

You also may have put the price ahead of quality. went to the cheapest price instead of seeking quality.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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