Vaser Lipo on 25 Year Old Male Athlete

Hi I'm 25yrs old,athlete, I'm planning to go for vaserlipo but don't know if I'm right candidate for ir.I'm 5'3 tall n 118lb,in 5years I lost 50lb n have stretch marks on my stomach n loose skin which I wan a get is vaserlipo correct choice for me

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VASER lipo for skin tightening

Given your description, I believe you will be disappointed in the result of VASER lipo alone. VASER may help a little in tightening the skin, but not a lot.  In fact there is nothing short of surgery that tightens the skin significantly, not VASER not laser or smart lipo.  Stretch marks mean the elastic is broken and as of yet, we have nothing to reverse that.  I do a lot of VASER and it useful in removing dense fat that is otherwise difficult to remove, or in someone who has had previous suction.  See a board certified plastic surgeon in your area and let them evaluate your skin tone and make some recommendations, but if they say the VASER will shrink the skin a lot, then move on to another.

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