Neck Lift Needed After Vaser Lipo Under the Chin?

My husband, 53 and in good health with no excess fat, is considering having a small, fatty pouch under his chin done with Vaser Hi Def lipo (the doctor told him he would use a smaller cannula than for his body, but both areas would be liposuctioned at the same time). Would he also need a Neck Lift or would his skin reattach smoothly to eliminate the "double chin"? Should he "pass" on the suggestion to lipo his neck if he isn't ready for a neck lift?

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Neck lift vs liposuction

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At 53, his elasticity is probably not good enough anymore for liposuction to give him a great result since it totally depends on skin shrinkage for it's outcome.  I'd go for the neck lift or nothing. 

Will Vaser tighten the neck skin?

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This is a difficult question to answer and unfortunately I do not know if anyone could ever provide you with a definitive answer. The proponents of the Vaser claim that it promotes skin contraction but I am not completely convinced. It may produce more skin contraction than conventional liposuction but not likely enough to substitute for a neck lift. If he is not prepared to accept less fatty neck but one with loose skin, I would forego the neck Vaser.

Hard to answer without seeing the patient

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This is difficult to answer without seeing the patient. I can tell you that the neck skin retracts very well after liposuction. Having said that, be sure to ask your surgeon how confident he is that there will not be residual laxity after the procedure.

The possibility that the muscular platysmal bands are contributing to the appearnace of the neck should also be discussed. This would not be improved by liposuction alone and would require a neck lift.

Good luck!

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