Price for Vaser Lipo?

I am considering Vaser liposuction for my abdomen and flanks in Houston. I need a good doctor, but I'd like to know what a fair price is. I have been quoted $4,500 for abs and $2,500 for flanks. It sounds high to me. How much should I pay for to have these areas done?

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Liposuction Fees

The fees for liposuction will vary based on your demographic area. The most important concern should be that you have a qualified surgeon performing your procedure. Ask your OBGYN for the names of three reputable surgeons and contact their offices to inquire about fees. Make certain you are getting a total fee which would include the surgeon's fee, OR or facility fee, anesthesia fee, and the equipment fee.Best of luck!

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Price is very relative.....

Hi there-

Questions about price are very common, but very difficult to answer because the value of the product you are considering purchasing (a professional service) is not equivalent from one location to another (some things cost more in some parts of the country than in others), and the expertise and reputation of the professional providing the service are variables that need to be considered.

In other words, if you were purchasing an appliance from one department store, it might be reasonable to shop for the same appliance at other stores to see if you could get a better price, because you know that as long as you are getting the same appliance, you should try to pay the least amount possible. This is very different when comparing professional fees, however, because we are not all the same. There will be different levels of education, training, experience, and expertise between surgeons, some of us are board certified, and others are not, and some of us have more experience and better outcomes than others with any particular procedure. Generally speaking, if a surgeon has a good education, great training, a lot of experience, gets good outcomes and has earned a good reputation and a busy schedule, you should expect his/her fees to be a bit higher (all other things being equal).

In other words, as with most things you are going to get what you pay for... and the laws of supply and demand will always apply.

The best ways to learn about the surgeons you may consider are to talk to friends and family, spend time with the surgeon and his/her staff, and ask to look at photos of their work- and maybe even ask to talk to a few of their patients. This should be in addition to asking about education, training, etc (make sure you're dealing with a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and not some other board).

In the end, you'll have to decide whether one surgeon's fees are justified, or whether you think you can get just as good an outcome saving money. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish though- I have seen lots of patients who tried to save money on their surgery, only to end up having to spend a lot more (after getting a bad outcome) to get things "fixed".

Good luck- I hope you get what you want!

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