Possible to Do with Vaser Lipo for my Body Fat?

I'm going to do Vaser Lipo next week. Before I do Vaser Lipo, what I should do with my upper and lower stomach? It looks big and uncomfortable for me. With my photo here, do you think I should have Vaser or other Lipo procedure? Thank you.

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Vaser liposuction: is it possible to do vaser for your body fat?

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hello rani100370  

Vaser Liposuction is not used for those looking for dramatic weight loss; it is done when you are close to your desired weight. Healthy elastic skin is a major requirement for vaser liposuction to enable quick recovery. In cases where a large amount  of fat is removed, vaser liposuction should be done with other body contouring procedures such as tummy tuck, thigh lift, buttock augmentation, facelift, neck lift and chin augmentation. #fat #lipo

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VASER lipo is probably not in your best interests at this time...

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Hi there-

Please understand I would love to tell you what you want to hear, and also that I am a great believer in VASER technology...

But I think you would be MUCH better served by a medically supervised weight loss, followed by a tummy tuck or VASER procedure (depending on your exam at that point).

Ask your physician to recommend wight loss programs in your area. You'll be much happier with your eventual procedure.

Liposuction with Vaser for abdomen

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From your picture, liposuction of any type will only provide you with limited improvement and I believe you would not be satisfied with the results. In my opinion, your skin laxity would persist and you would likely require a dermolipectomy or tummy tuck. Furthermore, it appears from the picture that you are not in the range of your ideal body weight. In the interests of your overall health, it would be preferred that you achieve initial body contouring through diet and exercise.

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