I Had Vaser Lipo and Was Fine but then Started Accumulating Fluid, and Now My Stomach is Hard. I'm Worried, What's Causing This?

i had vaser lipo then went back to work everything was fine went back in 5 days later had some fluid on my lower ab doc drained me got home n mt stomach swelled n burned i called 911 could not move er did not transfer me to my docs till 4 hrs later doc sucked the blood out of me but now my stomach is super hard 5 days after he nicked my vain or blood vessel i am just now starting to get color but feel i should of had an ultrasound or some thing and really worried about the hardness

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Usually for our Vaser liposuction patients we like to say that if you start feeling hardness specially after a few build up seromas that you need to start getting deep tissue messaging to break down the scar tissue.

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Seroma after Liposuction is common

We perform Hi definition liposculpting and use Smartlipo and Vaser in almost every case. Due to the mechanical trauma of liposuction and the deep tissue burn caused by the heat generated from VASER or Smartlipo, everyone produces fluid, especially serous fluid that if not managed intensively up front, can form irregularities and firm scar contractions. We put every patient through daily post-lipo care for the first 7-10 days and occasionally for 3-4 weeks until we have adequately rehabilitated the soft tissue and achieve cosmetic goals. The fluid you are describing is likely a blood tinged seroma which has consolidated and fibroses or scarred. There is no need for ultrasound as this is just under the skin and not in the abdominal cavity. It will likely take up to 6 months for the fibrosis to improve once its formed.

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