Vaser Lipo Lower Abs Only

I want vaser on my lower abs only, I have very little body fat and my upper abs are very good - but i have a small stuborn pocket beneath my tummy button. My surgeon suggested upper / lower / and flanks but I dont have an issue with all these areas. I tried to book to get just lower and told they only do both as its difficult not to get a ridge between the two - but I cant see what fat he could take from upper... has anyone else had just lower done or any advice please? many thanks

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VASER lipo to abdomen only should be possible

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Without personally examining you we can only make general comments. It is hard to imagine that your surgeon would recommend doing areas where there is not very much fat. What is important is to taper smoothly from the treated to the untreated areas. It is also important to understand body types and how the fat distributes, because if there are 2 areas for example that tend to have more fat and only one is treated, the other will become even more of a problem. A classic example is the "apple" body, where there is extra localized fat on the abdomen, posterior hip area, and upper inner thighs. But if there is no fat in the areas you mention, it doesn't seem to make sense to do them.

Ask the surgeon to explain his rationale

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Typically it is best to approach liposuction more regionally than to look at one part of an anatomic area in isolation.  It is not always the case, but 3 unsatisfactory,  not uncommon occurrences can happen:

1 . you may develop minor contour deformities from limiting access to a small area only,  leading to ridges from uneven removal

2.  you may note other neighboring areas appearing fuller after limiting treatment to only one area

3.  although some weight gain is inevitable in all of us with time (ugh), it is more unsatisfactory especially if you haven't addressed neighboring areas and the added weight shows up there  

David J. Levens, MD
Coral Springs Plastic Surgeon
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Vaser Lipo Lower Abs Only

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WOW! Seek another surgeon in UK! Very unethical to "force" a patient to have areas the patient does not desire. Think of Smart Lipo Triplex. From MIAMI DR. Darryl j. Blinski

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