Where Does Gained Fat After Vaser Lipo Go?

I am considering Vaser Lipo for my stomach area, and if the results are good, I would consider doing my thighs at some time. If you don't really gain weight back in that area you had the procedure, and you've had a few areas done, where does the fat go if you gain weight later on?

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Weight or Fat Gain after Liposuction


Liposuction (including VASER = Liposelection) conours the body by removing fat under the skin. When liposuction is done well, the subcutaneous fat is literall sculpted, removing excess but leaving some fat behind.

Biologically, the major function of fat cells is as a storage facility for excess calories. When one burns all the calories he / she eats, in other words, your level of activity more than matches your caloric intake, you will NOT gain weight. On the other hand, if you eat more than you burn, your remaining fat cells will fill up. In some cases, when the caloric intake is excessive (ie a fast food diet relapse), a lot of the liposuction gains MAY be lost. This is rare.

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