Vaser Liposuction Vs Smart Lipo to Tighten my Skin?

I have some strech marks on my stomach after having my child. He will be 4 in August and belive it or not, my skin is still tighting slowly. My PS said I may have excess skin after the Vaser Lipo because my skin has already been compromised and I may want to think about a tummy tuck in the future when I know I am not going to have anymore children.

Will the Vaser thighten my skin at all or does Smartlipo work better for tighting the skin? Thanks so much for everyones help.

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Post lipo skin stretching

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With stretch marks, the tummy tuck may clear many of those but without, you may not find much improvement in skin tone with laserlipo or Vaserlipo.  Fraxel REstore may help to some degree.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Neither of these really helps all that much with stretch marks.

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While both of these procedures do a great job on fat, they don't help stretch marks at all.  That is something that can be helped by a tummy tuck, but the trade off is that you will have much longer of a recovery period with a tummy tuck than liposuction.  Tummy tucks take about 12 weeks to recover from and have a huge scar on the bottom of the belly that can often be unsightly.

In fact, if you have tumescent liposuction done in combination with either of these, your recovery can be as little as one day.  That means you can be back at work by the next day and all you have to do is wear a 'spanx' like garment for one month.  That is why this makes so much sense versus a tummy tuck, although it doesn't affect stretch marks at all so if that is your main goal, then a tummy tuck makes more sense. 

One last thing that needs to be evaluated when choosing tummy tuck vs liposuction is that your belly button won't be the same if you do the tummy tuck.  It looks odd and in a swimsuit is very obvious usually.  Just a thought and good luck whatever you do.

Vaser vs laser lipo for skin tightening

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Both VASER which is ultrasound and laser as with "Smart lipo" and other brands have been reported to cause more skin shrinkage than lipo alone but not very much. Immediate post-lipo Thermage does the same thing. Any time you add a technology it increases the risk of complications. When there are stretch marks it is unlikely that there will be a noticable difference in skin tightening and in no case is it an alternative to tummy tuck for patients who need one.

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