Vaser Lipo on May 15,12 I Have Seen Some Results but my Mid Back Not Much. What Can I Do?

I did vaser Lipo in May on abs, if back, lower back and flanks. I see some results in the abdomen but the bra line is still big. I told my surgeon but he is claiming it might still be swelling. He just don't want to fix it. What can I do to get better result or get the surgeon to touch up the areas. I paid 7500 and I am truly disappointed. I also received a fat transfer to the buttocks and that was a waste of time. He only applied 300cc and it looks small still. I and very unhappy.

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Vaser Lipo Results

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Thank you for your question. To fully evaluate the results, 6-8 months need to elapse. Many variables are at play with fat transfer such as fat quality, area to be transferred, how tight the space is to transfer to, etc. If you are not satisfied, ask your surgeon for a touch up and if ultimately you are unable to be satisfied, see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for evaluation. I hope this helps.

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Vaser, not satisfactory results

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Thank you for your question.

Worst of swelling after Vaser subsides usually after 2-4 weeks, However, residual swelling can last up to 6 months.

As almost 3 months passed since your operation you can start being more physically active, swimming is a good exercise. Eating healthy still important in order to get the desired body shape.

Occasionally patients do not get results what they hoped for, this can be explained by dense fibrous fatty matrix which Vaser fails to break sufficiently. Helping your body to change metabolism in this instances is much more useful than another surgery.




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