I Had Vaser Lipo 13 Days Ago in the Abdomen and I Got Burned in One Side Will It Go Away?

Hello! I'm 32 years old and I just had surgery I feel well and the normal bruising and swelling but in one side of my waist I have a red spot the size of my hand and it burns! I just noticed yesterday because i thougth it was a bad bruise.....will it ever go away?.....it burns and hurts when I put the garmet on....what do you recomend doctor? And is the any ointment cream or gel that can help me heal faster and also erase or fade the redness?..thank you I apprecciate your valuable time!

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VASER burn

It difficult to make comment without at least a set of good pictures illustrating the condition. However, if this is intact a VASER burn, it may get worse before it gets better. The skin may begin to slough off as the burn becomes full thickness from inside out, at which time it will require intensive wound care similar to a full thickness burn. I would suggest caution with compression or stress on that area and keep it well moisturized and protect it from trauma. Also, your doctor would likely want to evaluate the redness for any evidence of seroma collection of infection such as cellulitis, in which case the seroma should be drained and any suspicion of infection should be treated with appropriate antibiotics. I would recommend keeping a close eye on the area over the next week and communicate regularly with your surgeon regarding any changes.

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