Vaser or Laser(lipolite) Lipo for Chin/neck?

hi can u please tell me which is the better option to do on the chin/neck area and the possible side effects.also how long does the bruising and swelling take to subside? will appreciate reviews,pics,experiences from anyone that had it done.thanks

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Vaser or laser liposuction for the neck

There are many pathways to a good result.  As a general rule the credentials, experience, and artistic sensibility of the surgeon are more critical than the particular method of surgery.  That said,  I find certain advantages to laser liposuction in the neck area when it is done as an isolated procedure (not part of a face lift).  I make use of the Slimlipo technology for laser lipoplasty, so I cannot comment specifically on the results with the equipment that you specify.  I have found that the comfort factor is much better with slimlipo laser lipolysi than with vaser when the surgery is carried out under local anesthesia.  I also have seen better contraction of the soft tissues with laser lipo than I was able to obtain with either classical or vaser techniques.

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Vaser Lipo on Chin/Neck?

Thank you for your question. In the right hands, both can be effective, but my preference is for Vaser with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Laser in addition may also have some benefit. I hope this helps.

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Having Vaser Liposuction on your neck would give you great results. It’s ultrasonic assisted and it has the tendency to help tighten the skin. The swelling takes 6-8 months to completely subside but you see results about 3-4 weeks after the procedure. You can see pictures of our past patients on our website.


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