I Had Vaser on Jowl/ Chin Area over 8 Weeks Ago, Still Swollen. How Long is This Likely to Persist?

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Post-VASER facial swelling

some fluctuating swelling is not uncommon for up to 3 months after such a treatment. You should make certain that you do not have a seroma or hematoma that is presenting as swelling, especially if the fullness is localized. Also, if you surgeon determines that you just have tissue edema due to post traumatic inflammation, you may respond well to a short course of corticosteroids. Bottom line is to follow with your surgeon very closely until the swelling is fully resolved.


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Still swollen eight weeks after Vaser is unusual

Thanks for your question.


In my clinic, we've found that the time required for swelling to subside can be highly variable.  Our average patient starts to recover from swelling after 16 days, but we've had a significant number of cases that last much longer.  That said, eight weeks is unusual.


We've recently published a study based on 129 of our own Vaser patients which presents data on the distribution of time needed for swelling, bruising, and numbness to subside, and this can be found on our website.

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